ACCEPT is a Collaborative Project – STREP aimed at developing new methods and techniques to make machine translation (MT) work better in the environment characterised by internet communities sharing specific information.

Today, anyone can in principle create information and make it available to anyone in the world with internet access. Yet the language barrier remains: however accessible information is, it is still only available to those who speak the language it is written in. ACCEPT’s mission is to help communities share information more effectively across the language barrier, by improving the quality of machine-translated community content.

The ACCEPT Academic Portal is a showcase of the ACCEPT project, an FP7 project aimed at improving statistical machine translation of community content through minimally-intrusive pre-editing techniques, statistical machine translation improvement methods and post‑editing strategies. The project’s technology was originally developed as a series of plug-ins for integration into different interfaces such as forums, web portals or crowdsourcing platforms by means of APIs. To make the ACCEPT technology accessible to a wider public and, in particular, to teachers and students, we undertook the task of transforming the existing demo portal into an easy-to-use, fully‑integrated online platform that combines the typical modules of an MT workflow and is specially designed for academic purposes.